Drive-Thru BBQ


Since 2010, Well Worth It has put on a Drive-Thru BBQ to raise funds for clean water projects around the world. For $50 participants receive one whole tri-tip, beans, garlic bread, salad, and cookies to feed 5 people.

Cannon’s Well Worth It Campaign partners with with CAPSLO and the Vets Center to donate dinners to local families and veterans in need. These dinners are donated by generous individuals who make their impact reach families here in our own neighborhood with a hot meal, and beyond with clean water infrastructure. Theirr donations have benefited both the local community and our global neighbors!

Thank you to all of our participants who donated, purchased dinners, and volunteered their time for the Well Worth it BBQ Drive-Thru. Your hard work and contributions are a crucial factor in Cannon’s important effort towards providing sustainable solutions for the global water crisis. Proceeds from all of the Well-Worth It Campaigns go towards creating clean water projects in Asia, Africa, and around the globe.

Donate to Well Worth It’s charity: water campaign

Past Drive-Thru BBQ Events

10th Annual Drive-Thru BBQ is ON!

July 7, 2020, San Luis Obispo, California – In 2011, Cannon’s Well Worth It Campaign (Campaign) launched the Annual Drive-Thru BBQ to raise funds for water wells in developing countries. Since then, more than $130,000 has been raised and countless lives have been changed. This year, despite the global epidemic, the intrepid volunteers behind the Campaign are hosting the 10th Annual Drive-Thru BBQ. While organizers had hoped to use this year to ...

Another Successful Drive-Thru BBQ!

San Luis Obispo, California, July 24, 2019 – Cannon’s 9th Annual Well Worth it Drive-Thru BBQ = Success! On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, the grills were hot as Cannon’s Well Worth it Crew began prepping tri-tip bright and early in the morning.  The crew packed a total of 400 dinners of buttered bread, Caesar salads, smoky beans, and complete with delicious cookies. Ticket holders were thrilled to drive right in and pick up their dinners from ...

BBQ-ing For Good

San Luis Obispo, California, July 23, 2019 – Back again for the ninth year, Cannon is heating the grill to get ready for our annual Well Worth it Campaign. This highly anticipated event is a charitable effort to raise funds for building projects that bring clean water to those in need all around the globe. The Well Worth It Drive-Thru BBQ happens on July 24, 2019 at 1050 Southwood Drive in San Luis Obispo. Be sure to purchase a ...

Grillin’ for Good!

San Luis Obispo, California, July 31, 2018 – For the eighth year in a row, a team of co-workers, friends, and neighbors, spent the day grilling tri-tip, buttering bread, and scooping beans all in an effort to raise money to help provide access to clean water for those without. Under the campaign name of “Well Worth It” the team raised $9,000 that will go toward clean water projects in cities around the globe including Mozambique, Niger, and Bangladesh. In addition to ...

Grilling Tri-tip for Water Wells

San Luis Obispo, California, July 7, 2018 – Once again, Cannon’s Well Worth It Campaign – a charitable effort to build clean water projects for villages around the world – is grilling up tri-tip dinners to raise funds to build new water wells for those in need. This is Cannon’s eighth annual “Well Worth It Drive-Thru BBQ” and is a greatly anticipated event every year. The Drive-Thru BBQ takes place on July 31, 2018 at 1050 Southwood Drive in San ...